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Ph: 503.440.0387


Eli Anderson has been flying and riding power kites since 1994.  Growing up in his mother's ,Linda Anderson, kite store, he was exposed to the earliest equipment.  Employed by his mother at the age of 14.  Eli worked his entire summer, and most off-season weekends in their kite store selling and repairing kites and accessories.   Eli prides himself on his product knowledge and great customer service skills.  His experience in the resale kite industry is second to none!

Kite Buggying: For Eli and his family, it all started in his families garage.  Cutting apart old bicycles and scooters, his dad designed kite buggies based on what he saw in magazine images from Europe.  Kurt, Linda, and Eli took turn following each other riding the buggy down wind in a Chevy Malibu.  Kurt finally figured out how to sail all over the beach, making the ride back kite powered.  With the Chevy parked, and only one buggy, the family saw the need for additional buggies.  Kurt designed a more stable buggy, capable of much higher speeds.  Other kite flyers became aware of the design and ordered home-made buggies from Kurt.  Financed by Linda and built with the help of his sons Eli and Konrad, the Andersons provided buggies for the earliest group of riders. 

Mentored by his father, Kurt Anderson, Eli Anderson became the fastest kite buggier and champion Class 8 Parakart racer in United states.   His passion is speed!  Racing up to speeds currently in the low 70mph range, his goal is 100mph.  Eli constantly searches for locations and conditions for such a run.  Eli has been riding kite buggies for a little more than 18 years, and he shows no fear in conquering his goal of 100mph. 

His Kite Sponsor, Ozone PowerKites provides Eli with the some of the highest performance kites on the planet. 
Since 2003 Ozone has been backing Eli all the way to be the fastest and the first to 100mph.

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